Wine Culture Centre

Finalist of Young Architects Competitions // Marpillero Pollak Architects // Team collaboration with Sandro Marpillero, Taigo Itadani, Esther Inyoung Jung, Dongyue Zhang


The challenge of this competition was to transform Valpolicella’s winery into the quintessential centerpiece of the wine experience—a place for culture, training, and tasting.

Located in one of the world’s most prolific regions for viticulture, the design draws inspiration from the site itself. The surrounding fields of vineyards are transposed onto the building, whereby light is brought into the building through perforations on the roof and lattice work on the façade. As the face of the building, wooden ribs from recycled wine barrels are woven into the second skin, allowing visitors inside and out to experience the wine-making process.

Visitors enter through the main office building and continue onto a mezzanine where they can taste wine and see demonstrations of winemaking process. Past the main circuit, media curtain screens educate visitors while curating the flexibility of the event space. Wine aficionados can immerse themselves in the terraced demonstration vineyard on the roof.