Urban Artifact

URBAN ARTIFACT \\ TriBeCa, NY \\ On-Demand Office Space
Comprehensive Design Studio \\ Critic: Martin Stigsgaard

The building and program seek to operate at the community and entrepreneurial levels. The proposal provides individuals, the technological means to communicate digitally and the space to gather for in-person meetings. For small businesses, particularly start-ups, the proposal grants them meeting and work facilities, for a per diem fee.

To design for the future, we looked to the past. Historical maps indicated that the site was a remnant of when Sixth Avenue was extended to the southern portion of Manhattan to create space for the growing Independent Subway System. From the original block, our strategy was to slice off triangular pieces until we reached the shape of the current lot, using it as a void maker that penetrated the entire building to the subway. The atrium is enclosed with mirrors and transparent glass to allow for natural lighting to reflect and enter the building. Each floor is is physically connected by the central stairway, allowing entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate.