Advanced Digital Techniques \\ Critic: Jonathan Scelsa \\ Group project with Taylor Harper, Tiffany Kimmel, and Krystian Masternak

The HYPAR was a half-scale installation at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. Using Rhino and Grasshopper, our team designed a canopy that defined lecture and pin-up space for the school’s gallery, which have different acoustical and lighting considerations. As a non-developable and ruled surface, a challenge lied in how the canopy was structured. After an iteration where the canopy was supported by wooden intersected waffles, our team decided to pursue a lighter version using paper that is hung by fishing wire.

The half-scale installation included coordination for presentation and shop drawings. Each of the 128 sleeves had to be tagged with a unique alphanumeric system using Grasshopper. During the assembly process, the sleeves first had to be folded and glued to themselves, then attached along four tabs to its neighbor.